The Haute Route

The highest and toughest cyclosportives in the world

Alpine Cols has a long association with the Haute Route: the highest and toughest cyclosportives in the world. Between us, the Alpine Cols coaches have completed over 30 Haute Routes. including every event in the four years 2014-2017 (except the Rockies 2017).

In 2019 there will be 13 of these epic events. The flagship events are 7-day stage races in the Alps, the Pyrenees and the Rockies, each about 900 km long and including 20,000 m of vertical climbing – 2.5 times the height of Everest. In addition to these there are another ten 3-day events, including two in France (Alpe d’Huez and Mont Ventoux, two in the Italian Dolomites (Stelvio and Cortina), one each in Mexico, Norway and Oman, and three in the USA (San Francisco, Asheville, Utah). See the Haute Route website for more details.

The 7-day events are a significant physical and mental challenge. Even the professionals do not generally ride seven mountain stages in a row!  One of the riders summed up the feelings of many:

This was physically and mentally the hardest thing I have ever done…

Expect to be pushed to your limits, and perhaps beyond. If ever there was an event that justified getting support from a coach, this is it!

The 3-day events are a great way to gain experience of stage racing. As well as being outstanding races on their own, a 3-day Haute Route is a useful step in the progression from riding in a local sportive all the way to riding the Haute Route Alps, the toughest of them all.

So how can Alpine Cols help you?

Our coaches have ridden a total of more than 30 Haute Routes between them. This gives us an unparalleled understanding of the demands of these challenging events. We have coached, trained and supported hundreds of riders to become successful Finishers over the past 4 years.

We can help you in two ways:


Busy people have no time to waste. With a personal coach from Alpine Cols every ride will have a clear purpose and will take you one step closer to being at your peak for the Haute Route, ready to ride 7 days across the mountains. Coaching is remarkably inexpensive for the value you get.

  • A customised, individual training plan, specific to you and your objectives
  • Updated as often as required
  • Frequent exchange and feedback with your coach.

More on coaching with Alpine Cols


Whether you come with us, go with someone else or organise your own, a training camp in the mountains is an essential part of your preparation for the Haute Route. Come with us and you will enjoy:

  • a big block of training in the mountains (Tenerife, Alps, Dolomites)
  • individual one-on-one coaching to improve your skills in climbing, descending, pacing, nutrition and recovery.
  • a rich exchange with our coaches and other participants on the Haute Route experience.

Training camp dates and prices

For further information, please contact us.

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