The Alpine Cols experience

Your cycling holidays in France should be as close to perfection as possible: you deserve it!

From the moment we pick you up at the airport until the moment we drop you off again, our goal is to give you the best possible experience.

The only thing we can’t control (yet) is the weather, but we’re working on it!


On arrival

On arrival, we help you set up, check over and adjust your bike.

We meet on the first evening for a full briefing and to put together the initial groups. We’ll explain the next day’s route, the Tour de France climbs we will be going over, their profile and any important safety issues. This is a good time for a chat with your coach about your goals for the week.

In the morning, gather with your group and your coach for departure at 9am.


On the road support

One of our Skoda Octavia support vehicles (the same as those used in the Tour de France) is on the road with you, with spare wheels, spare clothing, high-energy snacks and hydration as and when you need it. There is space to offload extra clothes and other kit, and the vehicle also acts as a “broom wagon” if anyone is unable to cycle back. There is usually space for a friend or family member to ride in the car.



During the day, your coach will share his or her knowledge of the Tour de France and point out key locations. Your coach will also warn you of any dangers such as steep descents, blind bends, gravel on the road or roadworks. Not everybody needs or wants coaching, but if you wish your coach will give you advice and pointers to help you improve your technique and get more out of the week.



During the outings we take masses of photographs, so that when you get home you have a great record of your cycling holidays in France. Check out our photo gallery for some great pics from the last couple of years.



Back at the hotel, don’t forget to mention any mechanical issues that need addressing. If it has been wet, we will help you wash and clean your bike ready for the next day while you enjoy a well-earned lunch. After lunch you can relax in the spa, or enjoy a massage from our sports physiotherapist (this is an optional extra).


Tea and Tall Tales

From 4.30 on we all meet up for Tea & Tall Tales. Over a delicious tea of cakes and patisseries, this is a great moment for friends and family to meet and share their stories of the day.


Coach’s Corner

Coach’s Corner is held every evening at 6.30 pm. During these informal talks given by your coaches you have the opportunity to learn more about cycling performance, power meters, climbing/descending techniques, nutrition, recovery and more.



Just before dinner, there is a short briefing about the next day’s outing. We may adjust the groups according to your preferences and riding ability. If you’re missing anything for the next day you can buy all sorts of cycling kit, protective clothing, spare parts, energy bars, recovery snacks etc from our Pro-Shop.

After dinner we guarantee you’ll be ready to wind down before bed and a fresh start the next morning!


Dates, locations and prices for 2019



If you have any questions at all about cycling holidays in France, please contact us, we would be delighted to help.