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November 2015

Cycling Plus is the UK’s widest circulation cycling magazine. Three members of the editorial team rode in the Haute Route in 2015. Throughout the year they wrote about their preparation. Here is the final article in the series, with a nice mention for the Alpine Cols Race Services.

“you soon see how they smooth out all the hassles in this race”


“I don’t want to turn this into an advert for Alpine Cols, but they do packages that include massages (3). For someone like me who’s not finishing each stage that early, I’m not going to have time to wait in the queue for one that the organisation put on. That’s where the third party comes in so useful.”

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September 2015

Cycling Plus cover Sept 2015 lo-resDeputy editor Paul Robson rode in the Haute Route Dolomites in 2015, and as part of his preparation he came to the Alpine Cols Haute Route training camp in June 2015.

“As a member of a small group on this camp, the amount of time I was able to spend discussing the strengths, and more importantly weaknesses, of my riding with both Silas and Olivier impressed me immensely. Both on and off the bike I spent hours in conversation with these guys, learning the whole time.”


“Aware now of [my] limitations, I have been able to make a determined effort to work on them. It’s here that the true value of a training camp, rather than a cycling holiday, lies. Of course it’s great to be in the Alps riding, and you can do that alone or with a bunch of your mates. But are you going to learn anything from that? The one-to-one technique advice from highly qualified coaches looking to help you improve in all aspects of your riding will enable you to do just that. Then you can come back with your mates and show them your back wheel.”

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August 2015

Kirsten rode with us as one of our clients during the Haute Route Pyrenees in 2015. Before coming to the start line, she had never cycled up a mountain in her life. It is a remarkable story, and we are proud to have supported her.

Watch the video to learn why she did this.