Testimonials 2

Alan (Perthshire) – June 2016

Back home in Blighty and boring the family with tales of high mountain passes and treacherous weather. Thanks for the photos Marvin, my wife lasted through about the first twenty before bailing on me!!  I thoroughly enjoyed the week, both the riding and the company. Here’s my feedback:

The best things about the camp:

A small group ensured we all got a lot of quality coaching
The routes were well chosen and well explained in advance
The on-road support was invaluable in challenging conditions
The quality and delivery of advice on and off the bike was very good. Clear, easy to absorb and effective
Stephane’s patience, despite some shocking weather and some very slow riders (me!) he kept us all going and I looked forward to the next ride with him despite the weather as I learnt more on every ride
Excellent location and hotel
The humour and camaraderie, it saw us through many a soggy moment!

What I learned:

Pacing for L’Etape and big climbs in general, technique in climbing (20% out the saddle etc), descending technique (especially the dropped elbow!). Definitely improved fitness and stamina along the way too.  And, of course, how to properly use leg warmers in monsoon conditions (thanks Kos!)

Kos (London) – June 2016

Firstly, thank you for a wonderful week – despite the rain. It was a pain at times but it didn’t stop us doing much at all.

I descended really well despite the conditions – in the rain and fog down the Joux Verte was probably my best descent ever. I feel much more confident now. It was so much fun having Stephane there as well. He is such a great guy and his expertise and power were awesome. We (he) blasted it in the valleys and overtook everyone. The pink TGV indeed! I enjoyed it so much that I would like to do more sportives like this. I have unfinished business with the Marmotte so very tempted to ride this with Olivier next year.

The hotel was great and I even liked the food which is a first for me! I am notoriously fussy so if I like it, chances are that most people will. I have often been the odd one out where everyone else is pleased with something and I am nonplussed at best.

The location was just amazing though and you have opened up a new world of cols for which I am eternally grateful.

Overall, it was an awesome week and I am now looking forward to the Haute Route even more than before!

Fred (Yorkshire) – June 2016

Really good ride at the GFNY Mont Ventoux, with v.g. effort on all climbs and spectacular (even by my standards!) descending with lotsa dropped elbows (got the scars to prove it) and then found myself on the Ventoux Bédoin climb after 67 miles and 2,000m dénivelée for the last 13 miles and 1,610m!!

Thanks, I am convinced, to Alpine Cols training, I managed a P.B. on the climb to the summit finish, beating my previous single climb best!

In my euphoria, I set another P.B. descending to Malaucène from the finish!

All in all, I was very pleased and need, now, just to recover, ready to give Marvin and Stéphane a good thrashing in Saturday’s Marmotte!

Thanks to Alpine Cols for a great training week.

Ewan (Aberdeenshire) – June 2016

The best things about the camp:

Not having to think about the logistics.
Briefing for the following day.
Support car.
Pacing and support on the sportive.
The pleasant and mixed group of other guests.

What I learned:

Descending.  Possible improvements to my bike fit set up – from Olivier. Pacing on long climbs.

Andrew (Cambridge) – October 2015

Just a short note to say thank you so much for the weekend, it will certainly be a great memory to cherish in the future. Being a first-timer it was difficult to gauge what to expect but also difficult to know what would be expected of me in terms of ability. You made things very relaxed and at no time did I feel under pressure, so thank you for that. Now I know where my current level of fitness is, I can work on my weaknesses and come back for more challenges.

The best things about the camp:

Relaxed, friendly, informative, organised, great company (socially), great hotel, fantastic scenery, knowledgeable, support vehicle, enthusiasm.

What I learned:

Using the power meter to pace the rides. I genuinely believe I would not have completed the 3 days without it. Fortunately, the pace Stephane suggested put me with Emmanuelle and Jennifer. I now know what sort of effort, in terms of pedalling uphill for an hour, feels like. What you need to do to descend quickly and safely was great fun. Silas’ talk was very informative and useful.

Jennifer (London) – October 2015

The best things about the camp:

The overall atmosphere of the weekend that you, Emmanuelle and Stephane created was the perfect balance of advice, coaching and personal warmth. This generates a wonderfully supportive environment in which I push myself, try harder but also accept some things may take a while to improve.

What I learned:

For me it’s all about gaining confidence as a cyclist and Alpine Cols delivers. In preparation for the weekend I went on longer rides with my club only to be dropped off the back many, many times. You and Stephane may not have ever experienced this but it can be soul destroying. Indeed I’ve almost had the love of cycling sucked out of me on several occasions! Being paced by Emmanuelle was great and helped to build my confidence especially when I felt I had some power left in my legs after each climb. Clearly I have more work to do on my descending though it was good to know I’ve improved since July.

Charlie (Monaco) – September 2015

The best things about the camp:

All well organised, your team very nice, easy going, like-minded, hotel excellent for this sort of thing and again very easy going. Car with us at all times was great for carrying clothing, water etc. Enjoyed coach’s corner and having film of us in action and being able to see what we do wrong.

What I learned:

Feel more confident in wet!! My downhill has improved and I now know what to do (including using the front brake!!)

Fernando (Cape Town) – September 2015

The overall experience was great, your intimate knowledge of the area made all the difference, the daily 18:30 meeting to plan the next day as well as discuss the day’s activity really good idea !!

What I learned:

Overall bike control on the descents by changing my arm position, pedal stroke while standing (now I just have to put it in practice……)

Ted (California) – July 2015

The camp was great. The coaching really paid off for me on my second week in the Alps. Backing off early in the climbs and just keeping a consistent power output got me up the climbs faster and fresher. My descending is much improved and much more fun. We love the Compex. I think in some ways, the best things you do, or at least the least obvious, is just teaching people how to manage their energy and recovery, on and off the bike. Riding with Stephane was a privilege. His ability to assess our ability and ride with us right on the edge of what were capable of without going over was amazing and definitely made a big difference.

Anne (Cornwall) – July 2015

– the team of Marvin, Emmanuelle & Olivier were totally superb: friendly, approachable, helpful, flexible, kind, passionate about cycling, as well as being expert coaches to even the most novice & slow of Alpine cyclists (ie me)

– my favourite part was learning how to descend properly & I was amazed at the confidence I gained so quickly; the descents made the ascents definitely worth the hard work! Such fun

– I picked up so many training tips for different aspects of my cycling. I have returned home enthused & motivated

– it was fascinating to hear about the Haute Route & the preparation needed (even though out of my league)

– it was tougher than I expected & in retrospect a true First Timers week might have been better for us although I’m actually glad we had the opportunity to do as much cycling as we did (& I’m quite proud we survived it!). Now I know more what to expect I would definitely do it again.

– the Hotel Beauregard was an excellent base: a welcoming, comfortable, friendly & relaxing environment with wonderful food & in an amazing setting, as well as being a great starting point for so many incredible rides. Truly spoilt (weather was awesome too, lucky us)

– the chance to actually see the Tour de France & to cycle part of a stage too was great; thank you for organising the trip & for giving us the opportunity as it bought the Le Tour to life for me

– my new favourite sound – alpine cowbells!

Alan (Kent) – July 2015

The best things about the camp:

The food, the company and the coaches.

What I learned:

As an average “sunny day Sunday” (SDS) cyclist eating wisely during a ride was almost an anathema. The reasoning being thus:- I’m trying to get fit and lose weight, so if I exercise and don’t eat I’ll be fitter and weigh less. In fact what I would do was ride less distance, feel awful with regular bouts of cramps in my legs, give up and walk and I would beat myself up for not being fit!

Pacing through a ride anticipating climbs/exertion points. Finding the correct pace for riding out so I have enough in the “tank” for the hills was mightily important.

Learning through theory and practice that descents are more than a scary ride down they are in fact a joy and the best of reasons for riding up! but I still didn’t crack 75kph.

Cadence. Since returning monitoring my cadence has provided me with extra legs! Sounds odd but grinding away in a high gear was what I thought I should do. That’s getting to be different now. I’m not there yet but I’m getting there!

Lucy (Kent) – July 2015

Alpine Cols were second to none in their approach to the training camp. Even before we arrived they took the trouble to find out how much cycling we had done, in order to plan the week to suit the clients. We went on a beginner’s week, and could not have had a better time.

The best things about our training week with Alpine Cols:

Marvin and Emmanuelle, who could not do enough for everyone. Friendly, knowledgable, they went out of their way to make sure everyone had the training that they needed. They allowed each individual to set their level, giving advice where necessary.

Stephane a fantastic coach, non judgmental, happy to help everyone, whatever their level of cycling.

The recovery sessions using the Compex, thereby feeling fresh the following day.

The numerous photographs that were taken everyday and to be given access to them all is fantastic.

Everything was included, there were no hidden or unexpected costs.

The hotel was perfect, amazing food, excellent staff, comfortable beds and great views.

I left having achieved far more than I expected, keen to put what I had learnt on the Alps into practice at home.

The learning curve was steep! From the basics of eating and drinking during a long ride, how to descend, how to pace yourself. The hills were hard but achievable. Climbing La Col de la Colombiere may have been my blood, sweat and tears, but could not have been done without the superb support of Alpine Cols.

Richard (Sussex) – July 2015

Many thanks for your help, encouragement and company last week. You all helped me realise an ambition that I have had for years and I am extremely grateful for that.

The best things about the camp:

The whole Alpine Cols setup was exceptional. I thought the balance was just right in terms of time in the saddle and relaxation/recovery. The evening clinics were really good, allowing everybody to share their experiences of the day, bond and to benefit from extra coaching. Having the support car was comforting and the photographs taken during the week were a nice touch. The location was fantastic as was the Beauregard. The coaching was pitched at the right level and I came away from our time with you having not only learned a great deal more about cycling, but (to use a horrible cliché) about myself too. The rental bikes were good quality.

What I learned:

Pacing climbs better, descending and climbing technique, higher threshold for dealing with negative thoughts during a long climb.

Kate (Sussex) – July 2015

The best things about the camp:

The people, the support and enthusiasm, the whole organisation of the camp. The great hotel and food. The nice pink jersey :)

What I learned:

That I did achieve my aims as far as improving my cycling generally and giving me impetus to progress further. Specifically, general techniques for ascending, drinking from water bottle on the move, descending using the drops.

David (London) – July 2015

I thought one of the best things about the training camp was the way Alpine Cols were able to tailor the days to the individual, with opportunities to ride at a faster pace or climb an extra col and, by the same token, to take it easier or jump in the support car if all too much. The Alpine Cols team, with a blend of their encouragement, on-the-bike technical advice and support vehicle, were able to give me a true sense of achievement in climbing a number of cols in a beautiful part of the world.

The end-of-day review and briefing of the next day’s plan was an important element of the training camp. It provided an opportunity for serious insights (for example downhill technique) and light-hearted moments, especially from some of that day’s photos.

What I learned:

Before the training camp I was a nervous descender on the bike. I have now come away a much more confident and, importantly, relaxed descender. This is due to the Alpine Cols team video and photographic analysis of my technique and on-the-bike advice and general positive encouragement. I cannot thank them enough.

Steve (Kent) – June 2015

I had a great time with you guys in Megeve. I could not fault any of it – small group, awesome guides – they were really great guys. On the last day I kept saying to Silas to ride off and leave me as I was fine but instead we spent 2 cols chatting and laughing. I could have ridden harder but it would not have been anywhere near as much fun – the cols for me in the past have been places of silent suffering as I manage that red zone but that was just great fun for a change.

Your organisation of everything but turning the pedals was absolutely spot on: professional and considered but delivered with an open attitude – not easy but those years living all over the place i am sure have taught you well!

The quality of the hotel really worked for me – I work hard so when I play I want comfort – also a focus on performance was good and as the slowest rider I felt comfortable – my riding improved lots. Some things I will always remember and have served me well already – heels down, descending, some of the more advanced nutrition – the guys did a great job.

Overall a happy customer and I have already recommended you to others.

Scott (Ontario) – June 2015

Thanks again for an absolutely amazing experience with Alpine Cols last month.  I can’t remember the last time I came home from a holiday so excited about my experience…I look at the photos every day!  Here are my thoughts:

The best things about the camp:

Stephane…the brand impact he delivers is incredible!  Everything about him is “top notch”…and it was a true privilege to ride with him.

Your commitment and “extra effort” (my bike seat…and George’s junction box) to make things right for your guests…whether mechanical or just our experience.  It was so clear you were prepared to do “whatever it takes” with a smile on your face to make our experience special.

Photos…what amazing memories we can keep re-living!

Hotel & Food…top notch!

Transportation and transfers on the ground…never skipped a beat!  That takes great stress out of a holiday!

The rides…amazing to ride so many “fabled climbs”…slowly!! Haha.

Daily coaching sessions…and plans for the following day…great fun!

Support Car!!! Felt like I was on a tour team!!!

What I learned:

Difference between riding downhill and descending.  Huge learning on bike handling!

Nutrition…how to minimize chance of “bonking” late in a ride on a steep climb.

Nuance of riding out of the saddle and varying riding position…especially while climbing

Learned about my own capacity to fight through a long climb

Learned and built confidence on riding in the rain

Robbie (Zurich) – June 2015

The best things about the camp:

This is a hard one to answer because you and your team have a fantastic top class concept going – 5 star. Riding with likeminded people some of the most beautiful cols in the world while staying in first class accommodation support by your incredible team with immense knowledge about the sport of cycling and training not only for the Haute Route but covering all aspects of this great sport. This is a MUST experience for every cyclist. The things that stand out for me are your teams attentional to detail during the camp – 5 Star personal service that when you leave the camp you know that you have made friends for life. See you next year.

What I learned:

Climbing and descending technical have improved, great nutritional advice both on and off the bike as well as recover techniques. Before the crash improved confidence in descending. I also learnt that I can push myself a lot harder on the climbs.

I rate you guys 10/10 on all of the below.

–         The top place in Europe for training camps, with expert coaching that improves your cycling

–         Small groups, low coach-guest ratio

–         5* personal service (doing whatever it takes…) including hospital service

–         Excellent location in La Clusaz – 13 Tour de France climbs within cycling distance

–         Great hotel, great food

–         Superb photography

–         Last but not least, we hope that people will come as clients and leave as friends!

Kazim (Doha) – June 2015

I surely had the best week of cycling with Alpine Cols. The hotel is extremely comfortable with a beautiful setting and easy access to great cols used in grand tours. The food quality is also very high. With Marvin and Stephane, all I had to do was focus on cycling as everything else was taken care off. We had a support car following us everywhere with food, drinks and spare wheels. Stephane is an amazing coach who helped me tremendously with teaching descending skills using GoPro videos. It took him less than a day to understand my strengths and weaknesses and was able to pace me on the tough mountains at the power I could sustain.

One of them would always have a camera handy and I have a great collection of pictures to share with family and friends.

Alpine Cols give a very dedicated focus to each rider and you are free to choose how much and how fast you want to ride. I would recommend this training camp to anyone who wants to improve cycling in mountains. This experience gives me confidence of cycling with Alpine Cols in the Haute Route Pyrenees.

Thanks a lot to both Marvin and Stephane for a wonderful week of cycling. Would definitely come again.

Daniel (Aargau, CH) – June 2015

The best things about the camp:

The company with the other cyclists and the whole AC team. The AC team is very friendly and competent, you offer great help. You and your team have a lot of experience which isn’t based on theory but a lot of practice in races and other events.

2) The professional coaching on the bike. This was just amazing. I have a coach, a very good coach with years of experience but he doesn’t ride with me. Of course that doesn’t come for free but isn’t really expensive either. Only a coach riding with you can teach you in real time! Also the debriefing incl. the videos was really superb

3) The location. Might it be Megève or another wonderful place in the French Alps, it was fantastic. Of course the weather was also helpful

4) For me as rookie it was great to see how feeding during a race works and knowing that there was a car on the top waiting with food and water gave me a good level of confidence.

What I learned:

Get off the saddle: do it for the right reasons (e.g. to give some muscles some relief) and do it right (do not go up and down but swing the bike)

Descending: now I know how to do it and how to not do it!

Position on the bike (from Silas): looking at the hub of the front wheel brings my back into the right position. A bit tough for me as I need glasses so I still have to move my head up a lot but it’s OK. My back is much more relaxed now.

George (Paris, Ontario) – June 2015

The best things about the camp:

The supported rides were fantastic. You bring your bike and don’t have to worry about anything else. It would be very difficult to do this on your own in unfamiliar territory. In addition, having all your extra kit in the car is great. I didn’t fully understand the difference in temperature between the top and bottom of the climbs until I actually experienced it for myself. It was great to be able to take my layers off at the start of a climb and then put them back on to descend.

The tips (cadence, sitting/standing, etc) provided by the coaching staff (Stephane/Marvin) during the rides are something that have really stuck with me since returning home.

The effort made to get my bike repaired when I had my Di2 issues was fantastic. That never would have happened if I were on my own. I likely would have lost a couple of days.

The meals at the hotel were absolutely amazing.

The evening briefings were great for watching the photos taken that day but more importantly for the discussions that took place about each individuals riding and how we can improve. These discussions quite often carried over to dinner afterwards.

What I learned:

I learned several things but I think what stands out most for me is the importance of proper fuelling. I think as cyclists, we all know the importance of this but I think most of us don’t pay it the attention it deserves. The fact that it was talked about throughout the entire training camp on a regular basis really drove it home for me. I’m a believer.

My descending technique prior to my trip was virtually non-existent and I had a fear of going too fast when going downhill. Not anymore. Once we learned the proper techniques from the coaching staff, the descents were an absolute thrill.

Lastly, but certainly not least, is the confidence I gained in my cycling ability. Comments made from both Stephane and Marvin throughout the training camp about my abilities gave me a huge boost in confidence. My main goal with the camp was to find out if I was capable of doing the Haute Route. Now I know. I’m definitely booking for 2016 and taking advantage of the Super-domestique package.

Duncan (Leicestershire) – June 2015

Had a great weekend and for a long weekend the timings were spot on.

The hotels were good. And the personal service and coaching was great, I liked the small number guest/staff ratio.

The other guests were all really nice and we all got on well, which adds to the experience. But with small numbers there could be a problem with differing personalities.

That was my 5th organised trip this year and certainly one of the best. It was one of the more expensive but you get what you pay for and I would rather pay for quality. I will certainly be back.

Amanda M. (London, Ontario) – June 2015

The best things about the camp:

The organization from the time we registered until the time we went home. Everything was so well looked after and orchestrated.

Personalities of coaches, Marvin and Stephane – kind, encouraging, good sense of humour

Coaching made me feel more confident but not overwhelmed with trying to change/adjust too many things at once. Both coaches took into consideration age, goals and safety was always front and centre

It encompassed everything I was looking for: great rides, great coaching, beautiful scenery, not having to worry about details, great food and accommodation (the only thing on the hotel was that it was always so hot and it would have been nice if the jacuzzi was warmer but those are really such minor details), small group with personalized service and the photos taken every day.

What I learned:

– descending and taking corners ……still work to do but more confidence

– gearing up when standing in the saddle so as not to elevate my HR

– the confidence to be able to do multi days in the saddle

Stuart (Dhahran) – June 2015

Alpine Cols provided real coaching, as opposed to just guiding us around the roads. The coaching notes, videos and discussions about the use of technology, descending skills, riding strategies etc were extremely helpful. And the food at Hotel Beauregard was very good indeed!

Richard (Zermatt) – August 2014

Olivier was excellent.  He is clearly very competent and was great company.   He was great for my confidence and gave me lots of practical tips for the Haute Route. I have also found your coach’s corner very useful.

Luke (London) – September 2014

Marvin, I thought that I would send you an email to thank you for the most amazing long weekend. Yourself and Emmanuelle made the trip truly memorable and were so patient with myself and Dad. You made my Dad’s birthday special and everything was perfect. Attention to detail is key and you have more than accomplished that. I have put up your flyers around work and have recommended you to an array of cyclists.

Jim (Caithness) – September 2014

Dream come true. You provide the sweat, Alpinecols do all the rest, and do it very well.

Lee (Surrey) – September 2014

I’d always wanted to cycle the great Cols of the Alps and with my wife Sarah now getting keen too we booked up. Wow what an experience from the quality accommodation and cuisine at the Beauregard to of course fantastic riding up the Cols. Marvin & Emmanuelle were superb hosts and coaches. Highly recommended.

Amanda F. (London) – June 2014

“What a fabulous few days with Alpine Cols. The service and instruction from the team was second to none, and resulted in a very satisfying podium finish for me in the Time Megeve Mont Blanc! I look forward to training with you again, many thanks to Marvin, Yannick and Emmanuelle.”

Chris H (Surrey) – June 2014

“Can’t begin to say how much I enjoyed the weekend, great location and great routes up and down the col’s, it was also good for me to know that my training sessions at home are working.

Please can I book the “Directeur Sportif + Recovery Massage/Physio” for the Haute Route Alps, it will be nice to have the assistance and also it will be good to always have contact with a familiar face.

Oh and thank you for the loan of the wheel, and the advice of what to ride for the HR…”

Julie & Daryl (Kent) – June 2014

I fully admit to being an avid ‘reviews’ junkie, but very rarely leave one myself.  However – I had to submit this having just returned, with my partner, from a week long holiday with Alpine Cols.  It was the best!  I am not a cyclist – by any stretch of the imagination (!) but it had long since been Daryl’s dream to cycle some of the famous cols of the Tour de France and we couldn’t have picked a better operation to help him do this.  Our flight with EasyJet was cheap and on time, then from the pick up at Geneva we had little to think about except having fun.  Oh, and a little endurance on Daryl’s part!  Even then, it was made clear that the cycling could be as tough or easy as you wanted but the thrill for him to complete these famous climbs in stunning scenery was truly something else.  We didn’t meet the entire Alpine Cols team but those we did meet – Marvin, our ‘Star’ of a coach Stéphane, Frans and Jane couldn’t have been nicer, making sure everything was just right for us.  We also had the good fortune to meet fellow guest Michael from Oklahoma, who was in training for the Pyrenees Haute Route – good luck with that our friend, we’re sure you’ll be up to it. The hotel, (Alpen Roc) was a very clean, pleasant  3*, food/wine/beer all good, and staff friendly.  Note – You are likely to spend most of your day with, certainly Marvin and your coach, including meals – but only if you want to – communication is key, this lot just want you to have a good time.  As it happened it suited us as we found them all great company. Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed my trips in the support vehicle taking varied photographs (thank you to all my drivers) – the area really is a photographers dream, even if you just have an idiot proof camera such as mine.  Some days I had ‘me’ time and explored the town and surrounding area but it was good to all meet up and hear the day’s events.

If you’re thinking of booking then do it, you won’t regret it.

Catherine (Surrey) – June 2014

“Great pictures. Thank you to you and Emmanuelle for all your support during the trip. Special thanks for the effort and skill in negotiating with the hotel. Chris really enjoyed the challenge and the cycling.”

Sebastian (Geneva) – June 2014

“Great job Alpine Cols team! A tremendous 3 days of cycling, superbly organised, coached and supported, culminating with the suffering and satisfaction of the Megève Mont Blanc sportive. Perfect preparation for the Haute Route. Great kit too. Thanks Marvin, Yannick and Emmanuelle for a fabulous 3 days and congratulations on a wonderful set-up with Alpine Cols. Looking forward to next time.”

David (Surrey) – June 2014

“Wow, what an awesome week. A huge thank you to Marvin, Yannick and Emmanuelle. You have looked after me exceptionally well, and given me some great coaching. I’m now faster uphill, more stylish downhill (and hopefully faster downhill too!). I’ve been very well fed and watered. And, just as important, it’s been great fun too. Very happy to recommend you to everyone I know who cycles. You asked if I could think of anything to improve. Other than changing the chef on Sunday night at La Clusaz, I honestly can’t think of anything, you have clearly put a lot of thought into the whole organisation and it shows. The photos were an unexpected bonus, and a great way to remember a great week. But I will long remember the day up to Cormet de Roselend, one of the best days I’ve ever had on a bike.”

Fred (Yorkshire) – June 2014

“My expectations of my first experience of a ‘training camp’ were by no means disappointing.  Marvin and Yannick went to great lengths to ensure everyone was looked after, both on the rides and in the hotel.  Great organisation, detailed knowledge of the area and reliable support, enabling the participants to concentrate on the cycling.

Yannick was able to look after the strongest riders without ignoring the slower ones and we all benefitted from their advice on how to improve style, the technicalities of descending and nutrition/hydration.

A nice touch to enter us into the Megève Sportive for the third of three days of mountains, to assist with the replication of the forthcoming Haute Route.

I can highly recommend Alpine Cols for anyone wanting or needing to improve – or just for great cycling!”

Chris J (Surrey) – June 2014

“Marvin and the team through their hard work delivered a remarkably stress free long weekend from the start with Marvin at the airport to pick us up from the airport on time. The two days training were well planned and supported providing for 5,000 metres plus of climbing through some truly beautiful scenery. Most importantly (and what can so often not be so readily available in a mixed group) Marvin was there when you needed a top up of water, energy and encouragement during the sportive. The coaching and on bike support provided on my trip by Yannick was pitch perfect in my view (assessment of riding style, tweaks that could be made and just being there for a chat now and again).

The hotel we stayed in in Megeve was very near to start and showed attention to detail on Alpine Col’s part in terms of facilities (swimming pools) and the quality of rooms (large suites) provided. There were then the views of the Alps from our balcony which were postcard perfect”!

My only observation would be about the main meals at the hotel – breakfasts were great, packed lunch substantial and of a very good quality however perhaps the main meals were just a little to standard (cycling fare yes and not bad however a bit bland?).

I’d also suggest that it might be useful to have either a broader range of small spare parts available to purchase or to offer a trip to a local bike shop? I use for instance gas canisters to inflate my tyres when out however these cannot on some airlines be taken on board so potentially you end up without the usual means to etc.“

Stéphanie (Paris) – May 2014

“Having signed up for the Haute Route and starting my training for an Ironman, I thought it would be a good idea to cycle a few days in the Alps with a group and some logistic support. The experience with Alpine Cols was excellent. I have done several cycling camps in France, Spain and Italy, and I must say this one was close to perfection.

The location is ideal with various ways out to beautiful Alpine roads and climbs. The hotel was perfect for such a cycling break with excellent food, pool, sauna, great support from the hotel manager and the staff who did not hesitate to go out of their way to accommodate us. The coaches are very experienced, very social, and reliable and manage to provide support to all despite the differences in level. The team knows the roads very well and the technical and nutrition support provide during the rides was excellent, and nice pictures taken. As I said, close to perfection!”


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2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  • Bruno Martin

    Un stage de préparation à la haute Route Alpes parfait dans un superbe Hôtel à Megève , un encadrement excellent Marvin, Emmanuelle et Yannick, de belles rencontres avec d’autres participants et de belles histoires vécues ….la reconnaissance de la première partie du parcours m’a beaucoup aidé lors des 2 premières étapes de la Haute route Alpes…
    Sur la Haute route un service professionnel avec le pack directeur sportif + super Domestique (encore un Grand merci à Olivier et Stéphane)
    Les massages de qualité professionnel de George (Merci même si c’était un peu douloureux..)….sans devoir attendre juste le temps de prendre sa douche et c’est à notre tour du temps de gagné pour être prêt le lendemain matin pour de nouvelles ascensions…. Des souvenirs exceptionnels et une expérience humaine fantastique merci à toute l’équipe Alpine Cols qui nous a permis de réaliser notre objectif, notre rêve…. Merci aussi à tous les participants aux stages et sur la Haute route pour votre bonne humeur et amitiés…(Une vraie équipe Alpine Cols super de revoir les participants du stage sur la Haute Route Amanda, Sébastian, Chris )
    Pour conclure Marvin tu es super tu aimes nous faire partager ta passion et tu fais un boulot fantastique tu nous as soigné comme un vrai directeur sportif le ferait avec ses coureurs …
    Vous qui préparer la haute Route 2015 …je vous conseille les services de Alpine Cols vous ne serez franchement pas déçu par la qualité de la prestation et la gentillesse de l’équipe.
    Bravo et merci

  • David Butler

    Right from being picked up at the Airport by Marvin in the Impressive Alpine Cols support vehicle the weekend was truly fabulous! Stephane my guide was knowledgeable, helpful, friendly & above all safe! Great scenic routes and some awesome climbing! every need was catered for throughout the weekend and the Hotel Beauregard was the perfect base!
    Marvin is clearly passionate about cycling and this filters through in the way the weekend is run!

    These guys do it right!!