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Life’s a bike 2

A light-hearted look at what can go wrong. The sportive blues Weekend weather Glass in the road Riding on the track The riding partner The rain in Spain Splitting chains Punctures   The sportive blues You prepare everything the night before. You get up at 4am, load the car quickly […]

Turbo Torture 2

Today was to be the exquisite torture of a combined force/speed session. The bike was set up in the garage, where the temperature was only just above freezing. In spite of this, there was a powerful electric fan set up just in front of the bike: he knew from experience […]

Autumn ride

It was one of those beautiful autumn days. A day when you feel lucky to be alive; a day to be embraced, a day to be seized, a day to be enjoyed. After three days of northerly winds the bise relented at last and the crisp dry air made the […]

The Chase

I set off to climb the col de la Faucille, our everyday local climb. Starting in Gex, the climb is 11.4 km long and rises 700m. There are two distinct parts. The first two-thirds of the climb offers a fairly regular 6% slope, whereas the second part, starting at the […]

Are you going round the bend?

Coming back to the mountains after a long lay-off, my descending was much less fluid and less assured than it had been. Especially, I found myself braking in the corners far too often. I knew perfectly well this was a bad practice. It not only reduces speed unnecessarily, it is […]