Tech talk

PowerTap P1 pedals test report 3

There are two types of performance-oriented cyclist: those that already use a power meter (or soon will…) and the hold-outs that will have nothing to do with them. I do have some sympathy for the last group (cycling is supposed to be fun, you shouldn’t ride with your nose glued […]

The joy of titanium

I want to talk about a materiel used to make bicycle frames that the industry marketing departments hardly ever mention. The reason is simple: it costs too much for the mass market distribution channels. This material is titanium. The raw material itself is extremely expensive. Several people in the know […]

Power meters: do you really need to pay over €3000?

In a fascinating article recently published in the German cycling magazine RennRad, Achim Schmidt compares six power meter systems currently available on the market. Schmidt tested the following power meters, given here in decreasing order of cost: Power Meter Sensor Type Meter Position Cost Newton Plus Accelerometer & wind Handlebars […]

Pedaling in… ovals?

A lot has been said and written about oval chainrings. Of course, the manufacturers push their tests, claiming that they are faster and/or help the rider produce fewer lactates. In terms of race results, as long ago as 2008 Carlos Sastre won the Tour de France with Rotor Q-Rings oval […]