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What to do on long slow rides

Perhaps the most challenging part of adopting a Polarised training plan is getting used to the long slow rides. Riding for three, four and eventually up to seven or eight hours at a slow and steady pace just isn’t enough fun for many people. And yet… the research strongly suggests […]

Polarised Training: One Year On

I first wrote about polarised training exactly one year ago, (Threshold or Polarised: why should you care?) with a follow-up post on March 11th (Polarised Training: my personal experience). One year on seems an appropriate moment to draw a line and evaluate the results. There are two ways to look […]

The Tour des Stations

The Tour des Stations is a new event in the cyclist’s calendar, and judging by the first year’s results it is destined to become a classic! Based in the Valais (Switzerland), a two hour drive from Geneva, the event offers three possible distances: 50km | 2,200m+     Mediofondo 130km | 4,500m+   […]

Riding the Etape du Tour 2

This post about the Etape du Tour starts with an introduction for non-cyclists and finishes with a detailed analysis for the more passionate amongst you. This includes our strategic advice for the race, and a report on my own attempt to apply the strategy!   INTRODUCTION The Etape du Tour […]

The harder you think the faster you go

The practical art of periodisation Periodisation in training is about changing the training load to get better results. If we do the same training over and over again and expect continued improvement we will be sadly disappointed. It is the variation within a session, within a week, within a month […]

Riding Liège-Bastogne-Liège: Part 2

When posting the strategy a few days before (read here), I promised to write the actual event up afterwards. So here it is: my personal experience at the 2018 Liège-Bastogne-Liège Challenge. How hard is it? Early start Act 1, South to Bastogne (100km) Act 2, Bastogne to Francheville (75km) Act […]