The week in brief

Adapted to your level

There is nothing better than cycling with people at the same level, and few things are more frustrating than struggling to keep up with riders that are stronger than you!

At the start of your Alpine Cols week therefore, you will choose which group to ride with. Depending on the total number of riders we typically expect to form up to three groups so there should be one that is close to your level. .

There is always a following car, so anybody who has mechanical problems or who gets too tired can hop in the car and take a break.


I’d always wanted to cycle the great Cols of the Alps and with my wife Sarah now getting keen too we booked up. Wow what an experience from the quality accommodation and cuisine at the Beauregard to of course fantastic riding up the Cols. Marvin & Emmanuelle were superb hosts and coaches. Highly recommended. (Lee, Surrey)


The week in brief

The weekly programme includes nine iconic Tour de France climbs. It is our starting point for the week, but it is not cast in stone. Each week is tailored in practice to suit the group and the road and weather conditions to give you the best cycling experience of your life. If the group is up for it, we’ll do more, and if you prefer to do a bit less, we’re also happy to oblige!



Our focus is on helping you become a better cyclist. Whatever level you may have today, we want you to learn and progress through your experience with us. We employ only fully qualified and highly experienced coaches, and do not employ unqualified “guides” or “Ride Captains”.

All our Alpine cycling rides are thus led by a cycling coach with intimate knowledge of the roads and an official French coaching qualification. This is both a legal requirement in France and also an important guarantee for you, not only of your coach’s professional competence but also of proper insurance in the unlikely event of an accident.

Click here for more on coaching during the week.


If you have any questions about whether this is the right place for you, please contact us and we’ll talk it through. Don’t worry, it won’t be a hard sell: we want our guests to come back every year so it has to be right!


Dream come true. You provide the sweat, Alpinecols do all the rest, and do it very well.  (Jim, Caithness)