Sportives in the Alps

Competing in sportives in the Alps

If you are coming to the Alps for a week, why not take the opportunity to ride in a sportive? The majority of the French “cyclosportives” are on a Sunday, so you can choose to do it either at the beginning of your week or at the end of it.

French sportive calendar

The participants have a huge range of abilities. Although the winners are usually highly competitive and close to professional standards, the great majority of participants are ordinary men and women, often in their 40’s or 50’s, who just happen to love cycling and enjoy a convivial day in the mountains.

All of us in the Alpine Cols team have extensive experience of competing in sportives in the Alps and would be delighted to advise  and help you enjoy an unforgettable day’s ride.

If you want to ride your sportive at the beginning of your week in the Alps, you should plan to arrive no later than Saturday (this means spending at least one extra night).

if you prefer to ride the sportive at the end of your week, you should plan to stay the extra night on Saturday and take the latest possible flight on Sunday evening. Please check with us before booking your flights!

Medical certificate

Please note that it is mandatory to present a medical certificate in order to participate in a sportive in France. Contact us for a model.