Cyclotour du Léman

To be updated for 2017 as soon as the information is available.

Sunday May 15th, 2016

The Cyclotour du Léman is one of the biggest cycling events in the Alps, with almost 3000 participants in 2015. It consists of cycling the 180km around Lake Léman (aka Lake Geneva), starting and finishing in Lausanne and riding clockwise. Officially it is not a race and there is no classification. However some very impressive average speeds are recorded – the fastest groups typically take around 4h15 to complete the tour, averaging in excess of 42km/h.

It is a fantastic opportunity to practice riding at high speed in a peloton over a long distance, in magnificant scenery. You have a real sense of achievement once you have made the complete tour and look back at the distance covered. Besides, there is something uniquely satisfying about riding round a large lake: there are no short cuts!

Highly recommended!


Programme Cyclotour du Léman

06h00  Assemble at the start village, Stade Pierre de Coubertin in Lausanne

06h15  First riders depart (waves of approximately 100 riders every 2 minutes)

07h30  Last riders depart

10h30  First riders finish. Massage tent opens.

12h00  Lunch


Riding the Cyclotour

We will be riding in the Cyclotour ourselves in 2016. If you would like assistance please contact us: we would be delighted to support a private group.