Mont Ventoux Weekend 13-16 June

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Climbing Mont Ventoux once is a decent challenge. Twice in the same day is hard: three times in the same day is completely nuts! Hence the name of the Club des Cinglés du Mont Ventoux: the word cinglé is best translated as nuts, crazy, bonkers…

Like many physical challenges, however, how hard it really is depends on how fit you are.  The distance is 137 km and the total climbing 4,400m. Any reasonably well-trained cyclist riding at a sensible pace should in fact be able to achieve this within the allowed 24 hour period. It is not a race and you may stop as often as you wish.

Our base at the excellent Hôtel des Pins in Bédoin is at the start of the first climb (and the bottom of the final descent). Throughout your attempt we will be riding with you and supporting you all the way with our van, loaded with goodies to keep you going.

Once done there’s a massage waiting for you and a wonderful celebratory dinner back at the hotel.

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The Alpine Cols difference:

  • A real expertise and focus on one-on-one coaching for performance.
  • Charming, “boutique” hotels full of character.
  • Wonderful meals: not just to refuel, but truly to enjoy!


  • Airport transfers (to and from Marseille, at a fixed time only)
  • Accommodation and meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • On-the-bike coaching
  • On-the-road support vehicle with free energy drinks and snacks
  • Mechanical assistance
  • Coach’s Corner evening sessions on cycling performance
  • Photographs (digital copies)


  • Travel to/from Marseille
  • Hotels in Marseille
  • Bicycle hire
  • Minibar or drinks at the hotel bar
  • Coffee or snacks during café stops
  • Massage (optional extra)

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