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  • Dates: 28 Jan to 4 Feb 2023

Is this coaching camp for you?

YES:   if you want to learn to cycle faster, especially for events like the Haute Route, the Marmotte or the Etape du Tour.

YES:   if you want to make friends and have fun with other like-minded people.

YES:   if you want to experience the charm of the Canary Islands, well away from the main tourist centres.

NO:   if you are essentially a leisure rider with no particular interest in riding faster.

NO  if you prefer the lifestyle associated with large hotels and easy access to bars, nightclubs etc.

Coaching camp highlights

On the bike

  • The roads in Tenerife are generally in excellent condition and the weather much warmer than elsewhere in Europe in February.
  • The rides are appropriate for the time of year, including a mix of both short and long climbs and descents at different gradients.
  • The pace is at an easy, base-miles endurance level. Different groups will form so that you ride with people at your own level.
  • You can always ride harder if you wish, and the coaches will help you define your own training camp objectives and daily pace.
  • The coach to rider ratio is 1:5 or better, ensuring that you will have plenty of one-on-one coaching.
  • There is a strong focus on technique with plentiful use of video for analysis and feedback.

Off the bike

  • Recovery is the first priority, with a great post-ride buffet lunch back at the hotel followed by optional stretching sessions, massage and/or use of electro-stimulation.
  • Daily debrief with a coach looking at your ride file and power data.
  • Evening sessions on:
    • Maximising power while climbing
    • Descending fast and safely
    • Using power meter data to improve your performance
    • Training for your target event
    • Eating and drinking for performance
    • Competing at the Haute Route (and other mountain sportives)
  • Time to relax in wonderful, authentic surroundings. Enjoy a coffee and pastry in one of the numerous local cafés.

Here is the programme for the week, including the coaching focus for each day, the major climbs and the distance/elevation you can expect to ride.

Date Coaching Focus Climbs Distance & Elevation
Sat Arrival day - -
Sun Core Skills Masca, from the east 72km / 2,000m+ or 65km / 1,800m+
Mon Descending Clinic El Mirado de Baracan 60km / 900m+
Tue Climbing Masca from the west 70km / 1,900m+
Wed Pacing Teide from the west 93km / 2,800m+
Thu Nutrition Teide from the south 110km / 2,800m+ or 60km / 1,900m+
Fri Group Riding Teide from the east 115km / 2,800m+ or 102km / 2,200m+
Sat Departure Day - -


You will be picked up at the airport and taken to the hotel.
Depending on your arrival time, you may wish to have a late lunch in the village or set up your bike immediately and go for a short check-out ride.
The camp begins with a welcome drink and briefing at 18:30, followed by dinner in a local restaurant with the coaches and other riders.



Distance: 65-72km
Elevation: 1,800-2,000m+
Ride time: 4-5 hours
Focus: Core skills

We begin the week with a warm-up ride on the flat, during which the coaches observe your basic bike-handling, cornering and group riding skills.
Next we tackle the first climb, 8.5km and 500m from Garachico up to San José. We observe and video your pedalling technique during this climb.
At the top the group divides and the faster riders take the longer route with an extra 200m+ climbing via la Montañeta.
There’s an opportunity for a coffee stop in Santiago del Teide before we make the steep descent to Masca, the first chance to see your descending skills.
Enjoy extraordinary views across the mountainous NW corner of Tenerife to the nearby island of La Gomera from the lookout point at El Mirador del Baracan, before an exhilarating descent back for a buffet lunch at the hotel.



Distance: ⁓ 60km
Elevation: ⁓ 900 – 1,200m+
Ride time: 4-5 hours
Focus: Descending

Descending is a crucial skill to master if you are going to race in the mountains. Our goal today is to help you make a big improvement in your ability to descend fast and safely.
After the usual warm-up, we will begin by climbing to El Palmar, from where we will practice descending.
Each rider will descend multiple times with a coach and be videoed multiple times. This will enable us to provide immediate feedback, and the video will allow you to observe your own technique.
If you wish, you can use the van as a convenient way to climb quickly back up the road without unduly tiring yourself by repeated climbing.
We will finish by riding out to the lighthouse at Punta de Teno, the westernmost point of Tenerife.



Distance: 75km
Elevation: 1,900m+
Ride time: 4-5 hours
Focus: Climbing, pacing

For a final ride in the Garachico area we will do the classic loop via Masca and Santiago del Teide from the west.
This route involves 1,900m of climbing. The climb out of Masca, in particular, is very steep, averaging 11% for 2.5km but with ramps at 18-20%.
The focus today is on climbing technique and pacing. We look at your seated pedalling technique and how it varies between the moderate and steep pitches, and we look at your standing technique to help you “dance” on the pedals like a pro.
We also pay close attention to your pacing to ensure you stay in the right intensity zone for a long endurance ride in the mountains.
There’s an option to extend the ride if you so wish.



Distance: 93km
Elevation: 2,800m+
Ride time: 6-7 hours
Focus: Pacing

Today we change location and make the first of three climbs to Mount Teide, the famous Tenerife volcano. For the next three days we will very likely encounter professional riders, here to do big blocks of winter training.
After the now familiar climb to El Tanque and Santiago we enjoy a short descent before the long (26km) climb to the volcano. The total climb is 1,300m at a fairly steady gradient, rarely more than 7%.
This is a day where it is essential to get the pacing right, especially in view of the two days still to come.
There’s a great opportunity to practice descending skills on the 25km descent to our new base in Granadilla.
Your luggage will be transferred to the new hotel and be ready and waiting for you when you arrive.



Distance: 60-110km
Elevation: 1,900-2,800m+
Ride time: 5-7 hours
Focus: Nutrition

This is the Queen stage: the opportunity to put it all into practice on the longest continuous climb in Europe!
We climb from sea-level to the lip of the volcano. The total climb amounts to almost 2,200m, over 35km.
If the complete climb is too much for your current level of fitness, you can start climbing directly from the hotel in Granadilla, saving yourself the first 650m from sea-level.
If you still have the legs for it, we will cross the crater and go on to the highest point (2,350m) 15km further on, passing in front of the Parador hotel used by the pro teams to sleep at altitude.
Today’s coaching focus is specifically on nutrition for long rides.



Distance: 102-115km
Elevation: 2,200-2,800m+
Ride time: 5-6 hours
Focus: Group riding

Friday is definitely the highlight of the week, as we ride over for a very special home-made Canary Islands lunch at Marcos and Alberto’s family house.
But first, there’s the little matter of a mountain to climb…
On this final day, we will visit new roads as we ride around the eastern side of the island and climb over Mount Teide from the north-east. The first part of the ride is a wild roller-coaster up and down and round a never ending series of corners as we (more or less) follow the contour line to the north. It is a wonderful road and a great opportunity to put everything together in a well-paced group.
Today’s easier option is to miss out the first 20km.
The climb is 34km long, rising 2,000m. It is a fitting way to finish. The transfer back to the hotel after lunch is by minibus.



Departure day! If your flight is late enough, you may be able to fit in a last, early-morning spin.
For most, though, it will be an opportunity to enjoy a relaxed Canary Islands breakfast in the beautiful Hotel Rural Senderos de Abona before packing up and leaving for the airport.

We have deliberately chosen two small, historic hotels that are as different from the mass-market tourist hotels as possible. Both the Quinta Roja and the Senderos de Abona are full of character, affording us the authentic Canary Islands experience.

La Quinta RojaGarachico (first four nights)

Hotel Rural Senderos de Abona,  Granadilla (last three nights)


We will take our meals either at the hotels or in small local restaurants where they know how to feed hungry cyclists with delicious local dishes.

“I found my week with Alpine Cols in Tenerife exceeded my expectations. In particular I have learnt how to descend safer and faster (a key objective for me on the trip). Over the week I noticed a marked improvement In 4 distinct descending techniques, as well as areas to continue to work on. I believe will lead to me being able to race with faster groups downhill, as well as corner faster on road races.
The individual coaching over the week, particularly from Silas also improved my climbing (on and off the saddle). Surprising I think some improved power with some improved stretching after the ride and pedal technique in specific circumstances. The practical nutrition advice which should reduce the amount of low energy time in the events.
The level of support was incredible with 6 guides/coaches for 9 of us.
Hotels were traditional and excellent, with plenty of thought and planning put into the nutrition (e.g. lunch also available immediately after the ride, and good nutrition choices for all three meals).
I would recommend Apline Cols to anyone who was serious about improving their skills on a bike. I felt the coaching was good value for money, and far exceeded any other cycle holiday I have been on. The coaches are up to speed with the latest scientific studies, and communicate the knowledge in easy to digest and implement bit size chunks, repeated when necessary. E.g. watching a video of myself riding with expert commentary quickly provided me with a proper understanding of how I was riding, which was not the same as the previous image in my head.”

– James

“Firstly of course it was the best training camp I have ever been to. The things that I found were best for me, were the climbing technique work with Silas and the information on power from Bryan. Learning about Polarized training was very good. The choice of hotels was perfect, Garachico being my favorite, I really enjoyed the 2 routes through to Masca. Thank you for a great week of training under difficult circumstances you and your team did a fantastic job.”

– Anthony

“I thought the camp was excellent. Organisation was great, coaching very good and informative, and all carried out & delivered in a fun way. “Lots of potential” for me to improve, as Silas said! Support from Tenerife Bike Training guys very good, as well. Hotels were both great. If anything I preferred the first to the second, but both were very good quality in respect of accommodation and food.”

–  Ken

“This was a great camp and a good start for my training this year. Really everything was well done. Coaches corner, Verve information on power, rides, coaching assistance on rides, local guide group was great.”

– Terry



28 Jan to 4 Feb 2023

Package price (twin-share): €2,675

Single supplement: €320

We offer a 5% “welcome back” discount to all returnees, and a 10% discount for a second trip in the same year. Ask us for the code!

What’s included

  • Airport transfers
  • Accommodation (Quinta Roja & Hotel Rural Senderos de Abona)
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner, including drinks with the meal)
  • On-the-bike coaching
  • On-the-road support vehicle with free energy drinks and snacks, spare wheels and space for extra clothes etc.
  • Mechanical assistance
  • Use of an InfoCrank® power meter, free of charge, from Nov 1st to the end of the camp
  • Coach’s Corner evening sessions on cycling performance
  • Photographs taken during the week (digital copies)

Not included

  • Travel to/from Tenerife
  • Bicycle hire
  • Minibar or drinks at the hotel bar
  • Coffee or snacks during café stops