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Coaching during the camp

During an Alpine Cols coaching camp the coaches stay in the same hotel and are available to you from 7am to 10pm.

Our first responsibility is for your safety, closely followed by ensuring you have the best experience possible and that you leave with your skills enhanced. We want you to say at the end of the week “that was the best cycling camp I have ever been on“.

Some of the things we do throughout the week:

  • Ride alongside with you. Your coach will accompany you throughout the ride and provide feedback and tips on your cycling skills and technique.
  • Teach safe descending. Some of the descents are steep, sinuous and long, requiring excellent technique to go down safely at speed. Your coach will demonstrate, observe and give feedback to help you improve your technique.
  • Teach group riding. On the flatter sections between the climbs the group will ride together as a peloton, and your coach will focus on bunch-riding techniques to help you relay each other effectively and safely.
  • Use power meter data. More and more riders have power meters, but few know how to use the data effectively. Your coach will help you get the most out of your power meter data during the week.
  • Use video. We use video cameras to record parts of the rides. We use the recordings to give you feedback on your technique.
  • Share experience. Coach’s Corner is an informal coach-led discussion each evening focused on different aspects of performance. Depending on the interest and level of the participants, we may discuss climbing or descending techniques (with video taken during the day), power meters, nutrition, recovery techniques, interval training, or any other topic related to cycling performance.

Do you want to learn to cycle faster? Join an Alpine Cols coaching camp.

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