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We make a distinction between cycling tours and coaching camps.

The main objective of our cycling tours is to enjoy beautiful scenery and iconic climbs. They  typically go from A to B and may involve changing hotels every night. Coaching camps on the other hand are usually based in one single hotel, and the main objective is to help you become a better, faster, safer cyclist and thus improve your performance in sportives or Granfondos.

Different people are looking for different things, so we have tried to be clear about what we offer. To do these things well costs money, so we are certainly not the cheapest option. If that works for you, read on!


We do not employ guides: all our staff are officially-certified cycling coaches. They will help you learn to cycle faster and more safely in the mountains.


This is your chance to add your name to the legend of the Tour de France climbs, and we will take you to climb as many as you can handle!


We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the roads less travelled and the hidden gems, where you can enjoy the mountains without the crowds.


Our clients are past the stage of youth hostels and camp sites. We look for the best possible hotels that remain affordable (usually 4*).


You certainly need to eat plenty of carbs during a cycling trip, but that needn’t mean piles of pasta. Expect top quality meals.


Last but not least: come as clients, leave as friends! We are doing this to share our passion for cycling, and we love meeting new people.


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