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Scott Addict: first impressions

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We announced our partnership with Scott Sports on December 17th. Scott has now supplied us with our bikes for the 2016 season, and with the improving weather in the mountains we have had the chance to get out and test them. Read on for more!

The Addict range

The Addict is the climber’s bike in the Scott range, lighter, slightly less stiff and slightly less aerodynamic than the Foil. It comes in six different versions, the SL, Team Issue, 10, 15, 20 and a gravel bike with disc brakes.

There are significant differences in the bikes and if the truth be told there is little in common between the top and bottom of the range except the frame geometry (the frames are made in exactly the same mould). The price varies widely, essentially reflecting the difference in weight and thus the cost of the frame and components.

The top-of-the-range Addict SL is built with a Superlight HMX-SL NET carbon fibre frame and fork for a combined weight of just 1kg. This is very light indeed. It is fitted with SRAM Red gears and Zipp 202 carbon clinchers, weighing a claimed 5.98kg in total (without pedals). The price in the UK is £7,500.

The Addict Team Issue comes with an HMX carbon fibre frame and fork that weighs a very light 790/300g, and is completed with a Shimano Dura Ace Di2 electronic drivetrain and Shimano Dura Ace WH9000 Carbon / Alloy CL24 wheels. It will set you back just under £6,700.

The Addict 10, 15 and 20 are equipped with a lower-spec HMF carbon fibre frame and fork that still weigh in at a very respectable 860/360g. The main differences between these three bikes are in the drivetrain and the wheels:

  • Addict 10: Shimano Dura Ace mechanical drivetrain, Syncros RP1.5 wheels
  • Addict 15: Shimano Ultegra Di2 drivetrain (105 chain and cassette), Syncros RP2.0 wheels
  • Addict 20: Shimano Ultegra mechanical drivetrain (105 chain and cassette), Syncros RP2.0 wheels

Each of these bikes is fitted with mid-compact 52/36 front chainrings and 11/28 cassettes.

The Addict 10 is priced at £3,498, the Addict 15 at £2,898 and the Addict 20 at £2,498. As usual, some time spent shopping around may pay off to find the best price.


The Alpine Cols bikes: first impressions

We took one Addict 10 and three Addict 15s for our 4 coaches.

When we unpacked the bikes, our first impressions were of a clean, traditional design. It is clearly a climber’s bike and will definitely please the purists more than anyone looking for something aggressively modern. There’s no sign of bling on these bikes, just a top quality, professional finish.

The geometry is quite aggressive, with a short head tube meaning you can set the stem low. The round seat-tube is only 27.2mm in diameter, and combined with skinny seatstays should give plenty of compliance to increase comfort while seated.

All cables are internally and neatly routed, giving a very clean look. On the Addict 15s, the Di2 junction box sits discretely under the stem where it is easy to access but well protected and hardly visible. The battery is completely hidden in the seat post.

The colour scheme is simple and understated; blue, white and black for the Addict 15, black with yellow trim for the Addict 10. All the components integrate well to provide a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing finished article.

The bike appears quietly competent, without the need to shout “look-at-me”. It is an invitation to get out and ride…

On the road

The bike feels light and fast. Steering is precise and handling is excellent. The Addict feels like a race bike, but is easy to ride all day – I personally found it comfortable even after 6 hours in the saddle. The bike is stiff where it should be – the bottom bracket and the head-tube – and flexes slightly elsewhere to improve comfort.

Liège-Bastogne-Liège 2018

The Shimano Di2 electronic gears are a joy to use. I admit to having been sceptical of their value, especially taking into account the higher cost and increased weight, but I was quickly converted. Shifting is precise, effortless and almost immediate. Indexing is perfect and extremely easy to adjust in a few seconds. The front derailleur in particular is outstanding: perfect shifts every time with the touch of a button.

The 52/36 chainrings combined with an 11/28 cassette are great for all-round riding. The top gear of 52-11 means you can keep pedalling at speeds well over 50km/h, while the 36-28 is good for all but the steepest and longest climbs. We will bring an 11/32 cassette for the toughest days on the Haute Route.

The Synchros 2.0 aluminium wheels are good training wheels but feel a little heavy on the climbs. I am happy to say I used them to obtain my personal best on a recent sportive, but I will nevertheless be changing them out for the bigger climbs to come at the Etape du Tour, the Marmotte and of course the Haute Route.

Stéphane did a test ride with his Ksyrium SLR wheels and found a notable improvement: lighter and quicker on the climbs and even more comfortable to ride (with 25mm tyres). He is going to fit a Dura Ace cassette and expects to see a further improvement due to the non-negligible reduction in weight (about 100g).

Cornering on Alpine descents is fast, precise and reassuring, the Ultegra rim brakes performing as well as their reputation.


This is a comfortable and well-balanced race bike, at an excellent price point and ideal for the Haute Route.

Scott has done a good job to ensure you get what you pay for. The Addict 10 and Addict 15 are both very good value for money. The frame is excellent and the equipment is judicious at this price level. It would obviously be nice to have a super-light frame and Zipp 202 wheels, but the price would not be the same…

One might regret the choice of Shimano 105 chain and cassette and the Synchros 2.0 wheels (on the Addict 15), but on the other hand this is a reasonable choice for training through the spring and early summer. It would be a shame to wear out an expensive Dura Ace cassette on wet and muddy spring roads.

We will be switching to lighter wheels and either Ultegra or Dura Ace chains and cassettes before the Haute Route, for a very respectable total weight of 7.0 – 7.1 kg. The Synchros will go back on for next winter!

What we like best

  • Value for money
  • Frame
  • Shimano components

What we will change

  • Wheels
  • 105 cassette and chain
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