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by Marvin Faure

Apr 3, 2015

Seven reasons NOT to use a cycling coach

Seven reasons NOT to use a cycling coach 1. You are not interested in improving your performance on a bike. 2. You find it easy...

by Marvin Faure

Apr 2, 2015

Fast after 50: book review

Fast after 50 - How to race strong for the rest of your life By Joe Friel “Ageing is first and foremost an attitude. Whether you decide ...

by Marvin Faure

Mar 28, 2015

The Corima Drôme Provençale – race report

Sunday March 22nd, 2015 111km, 1650m We anxiously watched the weather forecast all week. The previous few days were warm...

by Marvin Faure

Feb 14, 2015

Top five reasons to ride the velodrome

Not everybody is lucky enough to live close to an indoor velodrome. If you do, and you haven’t yet tried it, it is time to shake...

by Marvin Faure

Jan 1, 2015

Turbo Torture

Today was to be the exquisite torture of a combined force/speed session. The bike was set up in the garage, where the temperature was o...

by Marvin Faure

Dec 17, 2014

Autumn ride

Autumn Ride It was one of those beautiful autumn days. A day when you feel lucky to be alive; a day to be embraced, a day to be seized, a d...

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