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by Marvin Faure

Oct 4, 2021

Geneva to SanRemo : trip report

    After a pandemic-enforced cancellation in 2020, our inaugural cycling tour from Geneva to SanRemo finally took place in September...

by Marvin Faure

Jul 15, 2021

Mont Ventoux: how to become a Cinglé

    When I first heard about the Club des Cinglés, I was a very new cyclist. The idea of climbing Mont Ventoux three times in one da...

by Marvin Faure

Jun 23, 2021

Progress and a new challenge!

  In my last blog I talked about personal goals in these uncertain times and how I had adjusted my goals to allow for disappoint...

by Marvin Faure

Apr 18, 2021

Personal goals in the time of Covid

The uncertainty around travel and the cancellation of innumerable events has left many of us without our usual summer cycling goals. Ho...

by Marvin Faure

Apr 17, 2021

Tour du Mont Blanc: how to eat more to finish faster!

  Everyone has a story from the Tour du Mont Blanc! Here’s one of ours (name changed to protect the guilty): The firs...

by Marvin Faure

Mar 29, 2021

Nutrition during training for the Tour du Mont Blanc

  Become a lean, mean, fat-burning machine! The Tour du Mont Blanc is a sportive around the highest mountain in the Alps, starting...

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